Our articles and books cover wide range of topics related to the uses of the past in post-socialist countries. We  publish on social, political, cultural and autobiographical memories, and their role in nation-building, (de)secularization, and (de)industrialization processes.

We are interested in how memory mediates between history and heritage, society and politics, economy and policy, local practices and global paradigms. We write on oral histories, nostalgia, memory activism, monuments, museums,  and historical policies. We have also discovered unknown stories of the intellectual history of memory studies. 

Ifversen and Pozzi
European Colonial Heritage in Shanghai:
Conflicting Practices
Other authors:
Jan Ifversen
Ariese Pozzi Wawrzyniak
Curating colonial heritage in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Shanghai’s museums
Other authors:
Dr Csilla ArieseUniversity of Amsterdam
Zrzut ekranu 2021-10-24 181033
Decolonizing Warsaw: The multiple afterlives of ‘Ali’
Hard Times but Our Own_2
‘Hard Times but our Own’: Post-Socialist Nostalgia and the Transformation of Industrial Life in Poland
Duality of Decolonizing
Duality of Decolonizing: Artists’ Memory Activism
in Warsaw
Pozzi IJHS
Local museum, national history: curating
Shanghai’s history in the context of a changing
China (1994–2018)
Wawrzyniak Bukowiecki 2021-05-12 004434
Rzeczy i opowieści. Muzeum Warszawy wobec modelu narracyjnego
The Burden of the Past
History, Memory, and Identity in Contemporary Ukraine
Other authors:
Anna Wylegała
Cięcia. Mówiona historia transformacji
Other authors:
Aleksandra Leyk
Strategie budowania narodu po 1995 roku
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