Center for Research on Social Memory

Our Center conducts research on how groups and societies make sense of their pasts.  Focusing on East-Central Europe, we cover a broad range of topics including the memories of wars and socio-political transformations; memory politics and history policies;   mnemonic structures and memory activists. We try to understand how history has been used, and for what purposes, by politicians, educators, heritage practitioners and other memory makers.

The Center is hosted by the Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw and  continues work of Social Memory Laboratory created in 2010.


The researchers of the Center pursue individual projects of their own choice and have been also involved in several international and national collaborative projects.


Decolonial Museology Re-centered: Thinking Theory and Practice through East-Central Europe Zaproszenie do stażu badawczego dla student_ów_ek i doktorant_ów_ek Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

 – 2023-09-30

European Memory Studies: New Research Directions

 – 2022-02-22
 – 11:15

We are delighted to announce the 4EU+ International Seminar Series

February 22nd Prof. Luba Jurgenson (Sorbonne University) The Landscapes of Mass Violence

March 22nd Prof. Jessica Ortner and Prof. Tea Sindbæk Andersen (University of Copenhagen) Mnemonic Migration – Transnational Circulation and Public Reception of Bosnian War-time Memories

April 26th Prof. Kateřina Králová (Charles University Prague) Holocaust Trajectories: Jewish Survivors and their Memories on Greece in 1941-1946

May 24th Prof. Andrea Pinotti (University of Milan) Memory, Monument, anti-Monument: The Challenge of Virtual and Augmented Technologies

June 14th Prof. Thomas Schmitt (Heidelberg University) TBA

The seminar is organized by Center for Research on Social Memory (CRSM), Faculty of Sociology, and the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies (CFC) of the University of Warsaw, and conveyed by Dr Nicolas Maslowski (CFC) and Prof. Joanna Wawrzyniak (CRSM).

The seminars take place monthly, on Tuesdays, 9:30-11:15 CET. Please, join us on Tuesday, Febr. 22nd on-line. The meeting will be open to registered participants, you can register with this link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Our publications, mainly in Polish and English, cover wide range of uses of the past in nation-building, religious, cultural, and economic processes in East-Central Europe.


Each year we offer several courses related to memory studies and cultural heritage for BA and MA students at the University of Warsaw (in Polish or English). We also collaborate with MA and doctoral students in our research projects.

About Us

We are a group of interdisciplinary scholars working at the intersection of sociology, history, social anthropology, and cultural studies.

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