Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Dr. Agnieszka Nowakowska is a sociologist and historian. She has conducted research in Poland and Lithuania. She is interested in the sociology of education and the contact between official narratives about the past and everyday practices of remembrance. Her doctoral thesis examined history teaching in Vilnius schools.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Zofia Wóycicka is assistant professor at the Sociological Faculty of the University of Warsaw where she is currently leading the National Science Centre (NCN) research project Help Delivered to Jews during World War II and the Transnational Memory in Making. She studied history and sociology at the University of Warsaw and Jena University and received her doctoral degree at the School for Social Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences and at the University of Warsaw (2008).

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Tomasz Rawski is a political and cultural sociologist. He deals with issues of nationalism, symbolic/memory politics and nation-/state-building in contemporary Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on the former Yugoslavia, Poland and Russia. He published a book on Bosniak strategies of nation-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina after 1995, as well as several articles on these topics. Tomasz participated in several research projects focused on memory studies, including Horizon2020: REPAST. He was a visiting scholar at University College London, Uppsala University and University of Sarajevo.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Małgorzata is sociologist and social anthropologist. Her main interests are ethnic and national identity and problems of social memory and tradition. She conducted her fieldwork in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and in the Siberian part of Russia. She published several articles and books on ethnic minorities in Poland, ethnic identity and social memory in post-Soviet countries and on the memory of resettlements.

Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Research on Social Memory, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Joanna Wawrzyniak, sociologist, and historian, specializes in East-Central European memory processes. Her current projects include work on memories of socialism, neoliberal transformation, and deindustrialization in Poland and contributions to collaborative research on cultural heritage and memory processes in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and East and South Asia. Joanna has long-standing expertise in oral history and museum research.
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